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We're so glad you're interested in joining Civil Air Patrol! There is no squadron fee to join. National membership dues can be found here:

Here's a little info to get you started:

Joining as a teen ages 12-17 (Cadet):

We meet every Monday from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at our squadron building on the Brainerd Airport property, at 16142 Airport Road, Brainerd.

Each week, we focus on a different part of our curriculum: Aerospace, Character Development, Leadership, Fitness. Some things are consistent each week, such as practicing drill (marching) and exercising military customs and courtesies (yes ma'am, good evening sir). Other things are fluid, such as emergency services training, safety briefings and special events.

We require that potential cadets attend 3 meetings before joining. We ask that a family member attend at least one meeting as well so the family understands the commitment involved. We want everyone to understand that the expectation is to be involved, active and attending regularly. While it isn't a requirement, we also hope to get each cadet up in an orientation flight soon after joining. All those opportunities come with regular attendance and involvement. We understand occasional conflicts come up. But we want to see each cadet be as successful as possible.

Cadets who join before turning 18 yrs old can remain a cadet until their 21st birthday. Anyone joining at 18 yrs or older must join as a Senior member.

Joining as an adult (Senior Member):

We meet every Monday from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at our squadron building on the Brainerd Airport property, at 16142 Airport Road, Brainerd.

For the seniors (adults 21+ yrs old), there are a variety of ways to get involved. The list of duty positions and specialty areas is quite long, so there are endless opportunities. While this isn't a complete list, some of the areas to consider are communications, aerospace, character development, chaplain, cadet programs, finance, legal, public affairs, recruiting and retention, operations, logistics, transportation, mission scanner, mission photographer, mission pilot, orientation flight pilots, certified flight instructor, information technology, fitness, supply, emergency services, safety, professional development, personnel, administration, testing and command.

Some of the opportunities for seniors are more specific to our meeting nights, and some can be done at different times. For example, the Communications department has national net communications opportunities scheduled throughout the week. Much of the behind-the-scenes computer work in areas of Personnel and Administration can be done outside of meeting times. Most work with Cadets is done during the meetings, plus days where there are special activities. The best way to find a place for you to fit in is to have a conversation with a squadron member to find out what duty position(s) match your passions.

Senior membership requires a national background check, initiated with finger-printing, which can be done at the squadron. Members who wish to drive the squadron van to activities must provide a recent driving record and color copy of front and back of their current driver's license.


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