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New Member Checklist



▢ Set up your eServices account: locate your welcome email with CAPID (6 digit # that identifies you to CAP). 1) go to, 2) click First Time Users? Click to Register Here, follow the prompts to establish a new password.  BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION SOMEWHERE SAFE AND ACCESSIBLE!  SHARE IT WITH A PARENT TO HAVE A BACKUP IF NEEDED!

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▢ Complete OPSEC and EOO: log into and complete OPSEC (Operations Security) and EOO (Equal Opportunity Training), which you should be prompted to do immediately.


▢ Accessing Online Learning:  After logging into eServices (see above), you will click on the menu at the top left of the screen.  Scroll down to ONLINE LEARNING and click it.  Then choose AXIS/Learning Management System.

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▢. After clicking on Number 3 above, you will be taken to the Learning Management Screen.  Click on AXIS at the top left of this screen. This will take you to the Main Portal for Online Training.

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▢. CADETS: This is the next screen you will see.  There are several options on this screen, and we will give you further training later on.  For now, let’s just get you started with the first lesson to get your first promotion! SENIOR MEMBERS: Your screen will be the same with the exception of #5 and #6. For Senior Members, #5 is Specialty Tracks and #6 is Level Training.

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1 – Main Portal: This shows courses in progress, courses you have enrolled in, and courses completed.

2 – My Transcript: Shows all courses you have enrolled in, their progress, and scores.

3 – Certificates: This will have a complete list of all certificates for your completed courses.

4 – Course Catalog: This is where you find classes, class information, and enrollment option.

5 – Cadet Achievement: This shows which Achievement you are currently working on and what you need to complete this Achievement.  It also shows which Interactive Modules and Test Modules you need to enroll for this Achievement and the option to enroll on this page.

6 – Honor Credit: This page displays available honor credit modules. The modules displayed are ones that you can complete in order to get honor credit for a particular achievement. Honor Credit is like “Extra Credit” in School.  This is NOT required to promote but will give you an honor star to wear on your ribbon denoting your extra work.  Honor Credit IS NOT available on all Achievements!


▢ Click on Course Catalog (#4 above) to go to the area to choose your courses.  On this page you can click the A blue circle with a white letter in it

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Description automatically generated to enroll in the course.  Once enrolled, go to the Main Portal and click on the START button to begin.  You want to begin with Learn To Lead Module 01.

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▢ Complete GES to be eligible for Emergency Services training and activities: 1), 2) Menu, 3) Online Learning, 4) Learning Management System, 5) Go to Axis, 6) Main Portal Tab, search "116" or "General ES", 7) Enroll in the course, and 8) Click Start to begin the training.

▢ Establish login. You will automatically be placed on MNWing Announcements when you join  To find contact info on members: 1), 2) Members, 3) Intranet, 4) establish login/password, 5) Member Inquiry to locate contact info for MNWing members or for your own record. ALL INFORMATION ON THE INTRANET REGARDING OTHER MEMBERS IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL AND SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR OFFICIAL CAP BUSINESS! See Civil Air Patrol Regulation CAPR 1-2 (l)

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▢ Learn about your uniform: 1), 2) Members, 3) Publications Library, 4) Indexes, Regulations and Manuals, 5) R-39-1. Use Ctrl + F to search topics. ASK QUESTIONS of other members. It's a lot to learn, and we're all here to help.


▢ Complete ICUT training online course: (eservices, Online Learning, Learning Management System, Axis, ICUT Introductory Communication User Training). A skills class on meeting night will complete this qualification. ICUT Skills Class will be announced in advance.


▢ Got questions?  Visit this YouTube channel and look for the video playlist that suits you (Cadet Programs, Seniors, etc.). This former Duluth CAP cadet has created amazing content to help you!


▢ Cadets: Sign up for Orientation flights. You are allowed 5 free flights in our Cessna 172 or 182, with the intent to orient you to flight. These are not flight lessons, and they are not required. However, they are a free opportunity to experience flight.


▢ Cadet study guides: Learn to Lead and Aerospace study guides: Study Guides links


Any questions…contact your chain of command. 






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